Monday, 24 June 2013


Things to do when you're having a rainy day or just a lazy day:
1. Watch a movie(s). I love anime, horror and chick flicks - here's a few ideas for your own film festival.
ALSO: Make sure you have loads of munch and snacks!!!

2. BAKE! Here is a really good brownie recipe:

3. Build a fort!
Lots of blankets and pillows, a good book or magazine - or even your laptop or phone to keep you entertained inside your protective fort of comfort. 

4. Play computer games! 
I love games, minecraft, left 4 dead, resident evil and halo being my favorites! 
Even if you think you are rubbish, or if you've never played before, you'll always have fun!

5. Have a pampering secession.
Have your own bubble bath, or nice shower.
Then use your favorite skin care or hair care products!
Paint your nails and have a face mask. 
Here's a few of my favorite products:

6. Have a tv show marathon. 
I love snuggling down with my duvet and laptop and watching loads of episodes of pretty little liars, the vampire diaries or america's next top model.
I love trying out new shows too, so why not check out a tv show you've always wanted to watch - it's even better when you're behind because you can watch more episodes and get really into it. 

7. Go through your wardrobe, 'out with the old in with the new' - it doesn't matter what time in the year it is, I always need to spring clean my wardrobe. Have a bag to put clothes in you want to donate, or recycle.  
This will make room for your newer purchases too ^.^

8. Invite a friend over, and have a pot of tea.  
I love having tea parties, and when it's rainy it sets the mood for a cosy cuppa and a cake.  
OR a hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a flake!!

9. Do some online shopping.
I love online shopping, I will have a million tabs open to view different pieces of clothes. 
Even if you can't afford certain pieces, this website 'Wantworthy' allows you to save all the things you love and want to buy one day, onto your own little page. I use it almost every day - it keeps me organised and lets you view all the things you want at once (rather than having links saved on your web browser).

10. Go on a walk in the rain! 
Get your wellies on and your rain coat, and enjoy the peace and quiet. If it's a lazy day, go on a walk anyway, even if it's just  ten minutes. 
Bring your ipod along and listen to your favorite songs!

I hope you got some ideas, enjoy your lazy / rainy day.


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  1. Perfect ideas! LOVE Vampire diaries. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at